Current Project

The Ixchel System website is my current main project it is for a lovely lady called Victoria who is helping me with my pain and moods. I am helping her with my knowledge of website design and creating a Word Press website with an online course platform built in.

Currently, for The Bay Trust, I am working on updating their phone system and network whilst also streamlining and saving them some money along the way.

I also have future plans to take more photos for their website and improve the Wi-Fi network on site.

Leading up to the festival season I will be finishing the Brighton Busy Bees website read for when the Brighton Finge Festival kicks off. My client is wanting to expand into more festivals.

Previous Projects

Before lockdown, I installed Furnacebooks network equipment, CCTV, and an intercom system. This involved running long network cables underground and across a small bridge. This was a challenging project getting all 5 WiFi networks installed and working seamlessly. But since that day it has worked without a hitch.

I have also taken lots of photos for Furnace Brook one of which you can see below.

The Bay Trusted needed someone to take photos of the cottage accommodation they planned on hosting on Sawdays this was a very cool project for me as it gave me the opportunity to learn more about photography without the expense of paying to stay in the cottage.

I am also still helping to manage the website for them and I am currently working with them to streamline their phone and network system.

I fully designed the Hot Tub Service website and implemented the communication system on each page so when someone contacts the client they know where on the site they were when they first made contact this is useful for analytics.

I have created a new and secure website for The Cleary Foundation as the old page was from the late 2000 and was no longer fit for purpose and not secure.